Veronica L Caceres

Date Shared: July 19, 2017

Age: 30

Profession: Project Specialist

Hi! You have definitely helped me make healthier/wiser options when choosing my food/drinks. I remember when I used to have a  600-800 calorie breakfast … Thanks to coaching and your help, I make different/better options today. I have learned to watch my water intake. I have my bottle of water with me and remind myself to drink water every hour because if you are like me, working on a compute, you are sitting down and ‘forget’ to do so. I also have infused water to keep it more interesting and fun!
I never drank “Green Juices” prior to knowing you… “Yuck” I used to say. Now they are a must for me! My baby girl is starting so much younger than me (haha) she loves them so much too!!! Thank you so much for being an inspiration to us and for always helping and motivating us to thrive each day!