Tips for Sizing

Sizing for bangles can be tricky but you can do it!

  • Remember that to size accurately it is not the size of the wrist but the largest part of the hand that the bangle needs to pass over
  • A good way to figure out your size is to grab a flexible tape measure (most sewing kits have them) and squish your hand down (as if you’re preparing to pass a bangle over it)
  • Take the flexible tape and wrap it around the largest part of your squished hand and measure it very tightly
  • Compare your measurement to the sizing above and select the bangle size that works best
  • Personally, we would rather work a bit harder to get a bangle on than risk it falling off but perhaps you want to go a bit larger to ensure easy transfer from one wrist to the other as you work toward your wellness goals
  • If you are buying for someone else as a gift, the most common size is medium
  • If you miss-size your bangle, please take a moment to read our policy on returning products¬†for a different size

The steps above are meant to guide you but the final decision is up to you.

sizing a bangle bracelet

Sizing Details

  • x-small: 2.25″ diameter (7″ circumference)
  • small: 2.50″ diameter (7.5″ circumference)
  • medium: 2.75″ diameter (8.25″ circumference)
  • large: 3″ diameter (9″ circumference)