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Courage Necklace


Give the gift of courage

$10 of every necklace purchase donated to the Katie Oppo Research Fund

“Courage is Fear Conquered by Hope and Determination.”

—Katie + Liz Oppo

This quote epitomizes my daughter Katie, who exhibited unusual courage while battling stage four ovarian cancer. The Courage Necklace created by Wear Your Wellness®, in honor of Katie, was inspired by her courage and this story: I was shopping with Katie in a department store when she was 17 years old. She called me over to the jewelry counter to see some bracelets with words on them: Love, Believe, Courage, Hope, Friendship. She asked me which one I liked the best and I told her I liked them all. When Mother’s day came that year she surprised me with the “Courage” bracelet. Somehow, I believe, she knew that was the one I would need the most. While Katie lost her battle with cancer; the story of her courage and her wish that Team Katie would continue the fight, lives on. —Liz Oppo

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