Confessions of an aquaholic

My 8-day Spring Water Challenge journey…

As a health coach and advocate for the importance of drinking water, I thought it was important to document and share my own struggles and realizations.

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Is Drinking Water the Secret to Preventing Colds and Flu?

The Hydrate Girls say YES!

As health coaches, we’ve noticed that many of our client’s everyday, chronic complaints can be solved by making hydration a habit. Keep reading to fuel your inspiration to hydrate and thrive through the rest of cold and flu season.

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Wear Your Wellness with Fennel

Is fennel the new kale?

Find out why this delicious veggie should become your new fave. Eat it alone or pair it with apples for a nutritious and flavorful soup.

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5 wellness trends to prioritize in 2018

Stay ahead of the curve this year

Cutting edge can be simple and a fun way to motivate your new year health goals

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Read About Us in InTouch Magazine on October 23rd

Wear Your Wellness will be featured in the October 23rd issue of InTouch Magazine in their popular InTouch with What’s Hot section.

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Read About Us on Latin Times: “Breast Cancer Awareness Month: 5 Wellness Tips To Prevent A Malignant Tumor”

Wear Your Wellness has been featured on the Latin Times website!

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Nourish + Hydrate Soup Challenge

Save time + eat clean

Get mindfully motivated to thrive through the fall. Discover how souping for 21 days can inspire you to reach your health and wellness goals

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Read About Us on Nativa World: “These Bangles Keep You Hydrated on the Go”

We’ve been featured on the Nativa World website!

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