Is Drinking Water the Secret to Preventing Colds and Flu?

The Hydrate Girls say YES!

As health coaches, we’ve noticed that many of our client’s everyday, chronic complaints can be solved by making hydration a habit. Keep reading to fuel your inspiration to hydrate and thrive through the rest of cold and flu season.

We ask our clients: Do you want to look and feel more like a plum or a prune?

  • You can imagine that they choose PLUM
  • Drinking enough water enables our organs to work more efficiently, helps you absorb the nutrients from your food and flush out inflammatory toxins
  • A hydrated body is more likely to get a restful night sleep, which has been linked to disease prevention

Make a huge effort to keep yourself fully hydrated

  • Studies show that being even slightly dehydrated can increase stress hormones, increased stress suppresses our immunity, making us more vulnerable to illness
  • 1 in 5 doctor visits results in a diagnosis of dehydration! Think about how much time you can save by throwing back a few extra glasses of water each day

Drinking water is challenging in the winter, we might not be thirsty when we are cold

  • Create reminders to get you to your 8, 8 oz. glasses a day
  • Start with 8 bangle bracelets or loose rubber bands around 1 wrist, each time you drink 1 cup of water move the bangle to your opposite arm as a constant reminder of how much water you have had and how much you need to drink
  • You can use the alarm on your phone, the Fitbit App or simple post its
  • Make a large pitcher of beautiful water to inspire your hydration efforts, seeing and smelling an appetizing tall drink of water can trigger your motivation to hydrate, thrive and revive

Try making an immune boosting hydration elixir

  • Slice up seasonal citrus, lemons, oranges, grapefruit and add water
  • Spoon in 4 caps full of unfiltered apple cider vinegar per quart
  • ACV contains polyphenols AKA antioxidants that can curb cell damage and boost immunity
  • Optional, add-in of raw honey for sweetness and additional antioxidants

What if you hydrate for prevention and still get sick?

  • We would encourage you to keep up your hydration efforts
  • If you have a fever and/or runny nose you are losing fluids so be sure to replenish to empower your body to heal as quickly as possible

Green tea can be a comforting and nourishing way to hydrate back to health

  • It contains those all important antioxidants
  • Green tea also contains trace minerals and cholorphyll that support our body’s ability to clean house
  • Add some of your honey to sooth a sore throat
  • Add a dash cayenne to clear out stuffy sinuses
  • Or just simply squeeze in lemon for an extra dose of vitamin C with added benefit of breaking down mucus

Bonus: What are antioxidants?

  • Break the word down, ANTI + OXIDANTS
  • Anti means against
  • Visualize oxidants as rust or decay
  • So when we eat and drink foods that contain antioxidants (vitamins A, E + C) we are literally reversing “rust” or inflammation
  • A body that is balanced and not inflamed is much more likely to be thriving

Are you motivated to hydrate and thrive? xoxo/Deanna + MaryAnn

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