water challenge 2.0

Wear Your Wellness 8-day Water Challenge 2.0 starts Monday, July 10th

Are you ready to kick it up a notch? Find out what is possible for you in only 8 days

  • Get inspired to thrive by drinking 8 glasses of water for 8 days
  • Our 2.0 Challenge also gets you motivated to move more
Being fully hydrated can spark weight loss, promote clear and radiant skin, help muscle maintenance and recovery, encourage natural detox, lower stress hormones, fight fatigue, reduce cravings and diminish brain fog and depression

What to expect

  • This is not a cleanse!
  • The Water Challenge 2.0 is all about adding in more hydrating liquids and movement to crowd out sabotaging beverages and habits
  • Daily emails with tips and inspiration to keep you motivated to mindfully make choices that promote your wellness and weight loss goals
  • Water recipes that keep you craving clean food choices
  • Invitation to join a closed Facebook group for additional coaching and to share your experience
  • Complete the challenge for a chance to win a water bottles and Wear Your Wellness bling

Join the challenge, it is so simple

We truly hope you will join Hydration Nation with us because we want you to thrive and can’t wait to see how you wear your wellness! xoxo/Deanna + MaryAnn


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